A personally culled collection of the best of Burgundy & Grower Champagne, delivered to your door.

Caveau Selections -  from winemaker-importer Scott Paul Wright. We're specialists in the best of Burgundy and Grower Champagne, delivered to your door. Join our mailing list, sign-up for our Burgundy and Champagne Clubs, and take advantage of our exclusive pre-arrival offers. Start drinking hand-selected wines from the top artisanal producers at direct-import prices!


(Kah-voh - colloquial Burgundian term for "tasting room")

We hand-select the best in small-producer Burgundy & Grower Champagne, and deliver them to your door.

We spend at least a couple months per year in France, driving the backroads and exploring the tiny hamlets, looking for wines that we can share with you that are made by families, not factories…wines that are exciting and alive (and that we want to drink ourselves!) We’ll bring you our favorite wine finds, plus their stories. We’re specialists - we deal exclusively in Burgundy and Champagne. It’s what we know,  it’s what we love, it’s what we drink.

Join Us - so you can start drinking better for less!

  • Join our Clubs - We offer three different clubs - Burgundy, Champagne, and "House Wines." Each one operates the same way - with two shipments per year of wines we’ve especially chosen for our club members. In addition to having a steady supply of great wine at great prices, you’ll learn a lot, and you’ll get first access to all of our special offers.
  • Join our mailing list - we’ll be sending you pre-arrival offers on limited production Burgs and Bubbles throughout the year. You’ll see something from us once to twice per week on average, with deals on delicious bottles you’ll not find anywhere else. Sign-up here.
  • Join our tasting events - every spring and fall we open the doors for special tasting events at our headquarters in Portland, Oregon, as well as our annual holiday Champagne tasting. Events are free for Club members and a guest.

We import directly everything we sell.

Direct importing means that we deal directly with the winemakers themselves and the wines come directly from their cellars, without any agents or brokers (nor their extraneous mark-ups) in between. You shouldn’t have to pay an extra 20-30% to middlemen!

We work closely with all of our producers, many of whom have been with us since the beginning. They’ve become family - we’ve exchanged kids for the summer with them, we stay in each other’s homes. Unlike many importers or wine clubs that sell anything they can get their hands on, we’re personally involved with every producer and every wine we sell. We know the wines, and we know the families that make them.

If it sounds like an adventure you’d like to be a part of, please join us. Come to our events. You can learn about Burgundy and Champagne on our Club pages here, and here. Welcome aboard and cheers!

Scott in the cellar with Thierry Violot-Guillemard in Pommard

Scott in the cellar with Thierry Violot-Guillemard in Pommard

Who are we?

I’m Scott Wright, a student of Burgundy and Champagne for over 30 years. I’m the former Managing Director of iconic Oregon Pinot Noir producer Domaine Drouhin Oregon, and with my wife Martha founded Oregon winery Scott Paul Wines in 1999, and our import business in 2005. I teach master-class Burgundy and Champagne seminars and tastings around the country, and conduct annual wine tours in France for customers. I’ve been a featured winemaker several times at the International Pinot Noir Celebration (IPNC), was featured in the documentary film American Wine Story (2014), and am currently co-producing and directing a feature documentary on Burgundy (“Three Days of Glory" - scheduled for completion in November 2017.) I found my way to a life in wine after a long career in the music industry, first as a nationally syndicated radio personality, and then as a marketing executive at Epic Records and a partner in the promotion and marketing firm HITS.

Martha is food & wine and non-profit PR professional and writer, with experience working with a number of Food Network celebrity chefs. She donates a lot of her time to non-profit fundraising, and is an ardent cook and vegetable gardener. Her next project is a book that will take you inside the home kitchens of top winemaking families in Burgundy.