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Bustling Burgundy in Beaune

I keep wanting to turn the corner and walk into the house where we lived for three months last fall. It's wonderful and bizarre at the same time, being back. I have never seen Beaune so incredibly busy and full of energy - it seems like the entire world has descended on this magical little vilage of 25,000 souls. The vignerons are working at a frantic pace, just trying to keep up with the rapid advancement in the vines. Mercifully they have dodged any frost damage this year, and so far no haistorms have caused any damage.

My happy place - the Croque Monsieur at  La Dilletante

My happy place - the Croque Monsieur at La Dilletante

The vineyards are absolutely beautiful - as in Champagne they're several weeks early this year, headed for a September 1st harvest, or thereabouts. It looks like a potentially huge crop - some major green-harvesting will clearly need to be done.

Meursault Perrieres

Meursault Perrieres

So awesome to see that our longtime friend Thiébault Huber has been elected president  of the Burgundy Winegrowers Assoc. - a major post with major implications for the future of Burgundy. Bravo Tib! One can still see evidence of chemical-heavy viticulture all over, but the telltale burnt-orange color of nuked weeds continues to diminish every year. It's now up to Thiébault and the new generation to lead the way for the future...