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It's starting to feel like this is real...

When I set out to make a movie about Burgundy back in 2016, it was motivated strictly by my desire to tell the story. It was totally a labor of love. Somehow I was able to convince filmmaker David Baker to join in as co-Producer/co-Director, and several of our customers to support our efforts through a small crowd-funding effort.

I knew absolutely nothing about making a movie. I just knew there was a story to be told that I hadn't seen in any of the Burgundy films that came before, and I wanted people to hear the story and see the real Burgundy that few outsiders ever do. Now, some two years down the line, we've got a finished film that is going to world-premiere at the prestigious Newport Beach Film Festival in April, and we just got our first major national press coverage. This is starting to feel very real!

Filming in the Violot-Guillenard cellars in Pommard

Filming in the Violot-Guillenard cellars in Pommard

We were honored to be included and receive a beautiful review in yesterday's Wall Street Journal - wine writer Lettie Teague wrote a nice piece about the interesting crop of wine documentaries of the last 2-3 years. The full article is available only to WSJ subscribers - but I can share my favorite part here:

"A much better and, yes, more passionate new Burgundy documentary, “Three Days of Glory,” will be released in April. The title is a reference to the three post-harvest days of celebration, and the film features such famous Burgundy names as Dominique Lafon, Veronique Drouhin and Aubert de Villane, as well as some more under-the-radar vignerons who are the true heart of the film.

Co-directed and narrated by Burgundy importer Scott Wright of Oregon-based Caveau Selections, the footage is often gloomy and rainy, and the music is suitably moody. Mr. Wright and his co-director David Baker tell the story of the disastrous 2016 vintage in Burgundy, one so severely reduced that some producers lost 90% of their harvest.

“They’re sitting on some of the most valuable vineyard land on the planet, but none of them are getting what you would call wealthy,” says Mr. Wright. The threat of buyers from outside the region snapping up land looms large. American writer and Burgundy expert Allen Meadows observes, “We very well may see a lot more corporate money coming in because the small landowner can’t afford to buy vineyards.”

While the vignernons describe real hardships, they remain hopeful and proud. Fabio Montrasi, an Italian architect turned winemaker, says of making wine in Burgundy, “It’s one of the most special places in the world, and sometimes miracles happen.” Vignernon Thiebault Huber hopes for “a beautiful baby” after the hardship of 2016, and as the film ends, a title card notes: “The 2017 harvest for most of Burgundy was the best crop in nearly a decade.” Yet the next card reveals: “There have also been three more sales of major grand cru vineyards to multinational buyers.” As the credits roll, the music is a triumphant song from the great chanteuse Régine: “Je survivirai” (“I Will Survive”). And that seems not only possible but perhaps even inevitable.

The best of these films reveal that wine can be a lot more than a bottle on a table in the hands of great winemaker—or a great filmmaker."

Wow - this is really happening! Stay tuned for screening information and all the upcoming news on the movie. Here we go!

Winemaker Thiébault Huber, on the monitor during our shoot in Meursault

Winemaker Thiébault Huber, on the monitor during our shoot in Meursault