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Burgundy news updates...

A couple of significant new developments happening here. One - the announcement that the dossier proposing 1er Cru designation for parts of the Pouilly-Fuissé appellation has been approved. It will go into effect in 2019, and depending on when the papers are actually signed, the wines from the 2018 vintage could be allowed to carry the 1er Cru designation where applicable.

In total, 22 different sites covering 182.4 hectares have been included in the upgrade to 1er Cru, of the over 800 hectares in the appellation. Among the climats included in the upgrade are Ménètrières, Vigne Blanche, and Vers Cras - pieces of which are owned by our longtime producer Domaine Thibert Père et Fils in Fuissé. I'm happy to see these great terroirs get the recognition they deserve, as is the industry at large. We've always known that not all Pouilly-Fuissé was created equal! The new 1er Crus are in all four villages of the appellation - Fuissé, Chaintré, Vergisson, and Solutré-Pouilly. Will prices increase for the new 1er Crus? I imagine they certainly will, but it will be2-3 years before the 1st 1er Crus would be released, so we'll have to sit tight for a bit...

Roche Solutré_2.jpg

The other item that's buzzing here is word that Champagne Louis Roederer has bought the Burgundy Grand Cru Monopole Clos de Tart - reportedly for a staggering sum of 220 million Euros. At 7.53-hectares, that comes to 29 MILLION Euros per hectare, or a cool 11.8 MILLION Euros (or about 14 MILLION $$) per acre - which I believe would set the new record for vineyard land here. Whoa. I don't have confirmation of this yet, but if it's true it is mind-blowing indeed.

Christophe Thibert , proud owner of some newly-designated 1er Crus in Pouilly-Fuissé

Christophe Thibert, proud owner of some newly-designated 1er Crus in Pouilly-Fuissé

In our film Three Days of Glory (coming your way in 2018!), we talk a lot about the rising prices of Burgundy vineyards and the effects of corporate money coming in - I hope and pray that this is not just the tip of a massive iceberg...