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It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Not the holidays, which are wonderful, of course - but rather the fall harvest season and the arrival of all the new releases from France that I speak of. For those of us immersed in the wine world, September marks the beginning of four glorious and crazy months that are always the best times of the year.

Harvest has been underway in Oregon since the last week of August - an historically early year. Quality should be very good in OR for 2016, though the extended heat spells in the weeks leaning up to harvest have pushed up alcohol levels in some spots. There will certainly not be any problem of under-ripeness here this year. 

Harvest at Champagne Georges Laval in Cumières

Harvest at Champagne Georges Laval in Cumières

In Champagne they are officially underway, but only in certain villages and with certain grape varieties. Champagne still has "official" start dates for the harvest, village by village and grape by grape - though it is up to the individual producer to decide the optimal time to pick. Champagne has had a brutally difficult growing season - the toughest one Thierry Laherte at Laherte Frères has seen in his career, and he started in 1973. That said, a few weeks of beautiful and warm 85-degree weather prior to harvest seems to have saved their bacon. Quantity will be way down, but the top growers are bullish on the quality they will have achieved in the end. Most of our producers will be starting in about a week or so...

Precious grapes on the sorting line at Huber-Verdereau in Volnay

Precious grapes on the sorting line at Huber-Verdereau in Volnay

Burgundy, which was brutalized by a killer frost virtually everywhere and then by hail in certain sectors, will have their smallest harvest in recent history. They too have been rescued by a gorgeous late August and first half of September, so the quality of the little fruit that remains looks to be quite good. Thanks god for small miracles. Some of our producers will be starting around the 24th of September, others not until the first week of October. I'll be over there, filming harvest as part of our documentary film project at the start if October, so stay tuned for lots of updates from the front lines.

Don't forget our fall tastings and pick-up events are scheduled for October 15 & 16 here in Portland, and our 11th annual Paulée dinner is now set for Saturday November 5th - seating is limited, so book yours now...

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the teaser-trailer for our film - Three Days of Glory. Check it out - and thanks in advance for all of your support!!!