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Hot and getting hotter...

Nothing’s better than Oregon in the summertime – sunny warm days, cool nights, no humidity. Nothing makes one appreciate it more than a week or so in the oppressive heat and humidity of the Southeast. Yikes! A heartfelt shout-out to any of you fighting this rather brutal heatwave that’s parked over much of the country right now. The stats show that our planet is on track for the hottest year on record – ahead of last year, which was a record-setter itself. Whoa…

While in Burgundy last month I interviewed the climatologist who has been studying the weather patterns in Burgundy for the past 23 years, in conjunction with the documentary film project I’m working on with David Baker. She thinks that the global warming phenomenon can only help Burgundy on the whole, but perhaps only for the next 50-75 years. If the temperatures keep increasing at their current rate, Burgundy will ultimately be too hot to grow Pinot Noir at some point down the line. It will be fascinating to see how this all plays out over the next decade or two that I’ll be around.

A still from the drone footage we shot last month, high over the  Clos Vougeot

A still from the drone footage we shot last month, high over the Clos Vougeot

Global warming is also benefiting Champagne, but we need to keep in mind that even in a warming cycle there will be cooler years. Case in point the growing season so far in Champagne, where they have struggled through a very cold and wet spring, and are just now starting to see something resembling warm summer weather.

At this point it looks like harvest will be on the late side in both Burgundy and Champagne – I’ll be over there to film for a week or so in early October and then again in late November to get more footage. The film – “Three Days of Glory” is coming along really well in the early stages. We hope to have a website and teaser-trailer up in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

Another shot from the drone, flying over  Volnay

Another shot from the drone, flying over Volnay

The world arrives in Oregon next week for the 30th annual IPNC – the International Pinot Noir Celebration – and I’m really looking forward to seeing friends and colleagues and customers from all over the world. It’s truly the best wine weekend of the year in the US – I hope to see you there!