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Update from the Côte...

With our tour group now gone, I've had the chance to catch up on a few hundred emails and a bit of sleep as well. And have been able to put in some good miles on the vineyard roads in the morning. Several weeks of non-stop eating and entertaining have left me in less than racing shape, but fortunately I have no races in the schedule until the half-marathon here in Burgundy in November...

The new issue of Burghound has just been released, covering the 2014 and 2013 Côte d'Or Whites. I'm in agreement that these are gorgeous wines, and am proud of Patrick Essa at Domaine Buisson-Charles in Meaursault for all his spectacular scores - a whopping 11 of the Buisson-Charles wines are highlighted as some of the best of the vintage. Bravo and well deserved!

In the cellar with  Patrick Essa at Buisson-Charles  in Meursault

In the cellar with Patrick Essa at Buisson-Charles in Meursault

Speaking of great press - be sure to check out the excellent new article from Jon Bonné on why Burgundy is still the greatest place for wine...

The proposal for thePommard 1er Crus Epenots and Rugiens to be upgraded to Grand Cru has been declared dead in the water, for now. While the dossier was being submitted, the AOC powers changed the rules, so the Pommard vignerons will have to go back to the drawing board for another year or two if they want to re-submit. The new requirements state that that for any vineyard parcel to be considered for Grand Cru upgrade it would have to have been a 1er Cru for a minimum of 50 years, and there are parts of Pommard Rugiens that were upgraded to 1er Cru more recently. So, some pieces of Rugiens would have to be left out in any new proposal, and it is not likely all of the owners of Rugiens will agree to that (especially the owners of the sections that would be left out!) Local scuttlebut also has it that the big negociant houses and the Union des Grand Crus were not supportive of the potential upgrades, so it seems this one is off the menu for our lifetime... (And truth be told, I personally think Pommard Pezerolles is a better terroir than Epenots, anyway!)

No Grand Crus for  Pommard  (and that's probably a good thing...)

No Grand Crus for Pommard (and that's probably a good thing...)