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The world descends on Champagne...

Just a few years ago, one of our star producers - Aurélien Laherte of Laherte Frères, started a little trade tasting event with his buddy Raphael Bereche, another of Champagne's young rock-stars. They called it Terres et Vins de Champagne, and the focus was on showing that Champagne was a wine of terroir - a concept that few people bought into at the the time.

Fast forward to just a few years later, and the Terres et Vins tasting has grown arms and legs. There are now more than a dozen similar groups holding tastings the same week, and thousands of professionals from all over the world now head to Champagne every April for a solid week of non-stop tastings and events. Our friend Caroline Henry, a UK wine-writer who lives in Champagne, sums up this year's activities in a great article here -

Marc Chauvet winemaker Clotilde Chauvet with US Ambassador Jane Hartley

Marc Chauvet winemaker Clotilde Chauvet with US Ambassador Jane Hartley

In other Champagne news, the US Ambassador to France, Jane Hartley, went tasting in Champagne this week and paid a visit to our crew at Champagne Marc Chauvet. Mme. Hartley obviously has excellent taste! I hear she especially flipped for the Chauvet 2008 cuvée Initiales - which we'll be offering again later this pre-arrival season - watch your email...

I'm heading to Champagne and Burgundy for an extended trip over most of May and June, and am super excited to share all of our wines and adventures with you. The biggest news is that we're making a movie! We start filming a documentary feature in Burgundy the first week of June - it's a project I've been developing for a while with film-maker David Baker, the producer-director of American Wine Story. I'll be posting all sorts of stuff from the shoot - so stay tuned for all the action...