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Survival of the fittest...

Most people would feel beaten-down after seven straight meager harvests, losing 30-80% of their potential livelihood year after year. The Burgundians have been kicked in the teeth yet again in 2016, with perhaps the most severe blow yet (a killer frost that attacked the region on April 27th.) Yet the Burgundians are already focused on next year - "we just a need a good harvest next year" says Volnay vigneron Thiébault Huber - but then they've been saying that for the last seven years.

Their resiliency is impressive if not flat-out amazing. The cold hard truth remains, however - you can't successfully run a business without anything to sell. No one here will name names, but whispers are everywhere that certain producers will soon be calling it quits. There is great worry that the younger generation of vignerons, who have taken control of family estates in the last few years and have never known a commercially successful year during their reign, are likely to soon be selling the family jewels and moving on to other ways of making a living.

Thiébault Huber  - punching down his Pommard Clos du Colombier (only 2 barrels this year, down from a normal 12. Yikes!)

Thiébault Huber - punching down his Pommard Clos du Colombier (only 2 barrels this year, down from a normal 12. Yikes!)

Yet many soldier on nonetheless, young and old, with belief and conviction that "next year" will be bounteous and profitable. I think it's inevitable that there will be casualties - so who will survive when the smoke clears? Those armed with an iron will and a refusal to surrender will have a leg up, but the costs and toll will undoubtedly be heavy. Those who are dedicated to Biodynamic and organic farming are talking about the possibility of abandoning those protocols at the first sign of trouble next year. What's clear is that few will be able to survive another 2016...

Beautiful fall light over Morey-St. Denis

Beautiful fall light over Morey-St. Denis

I've been getting in some nice runs here every morning, tuning up for the Beaune half-marathon next month. It's clear and cold - picture-perfect fall weather, and we've been shooting some great film for our Three Days of Glory documentary. Today is the last day to join the team with our crowdfunding campaign - we'd love to have you be a part of this exciting adventure. Here's a quick look at some of the footage from the last couple of days - enjoy!