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Popping corks in 2016...

It's great to see the mainstream wine press now talking up what we've been talking about for a decade. The excitement in the world of wine today IS Grower Champagne. Saw this today in Matt Kramer's column in Wine Spectator -

"Grower Champagne. It's been coming and coming and … coming. The interest, nay, excitement, about small-producer grower Champagne has been building over several years now. You could be forgiven for thinking it's old news, at least in wine-savvy circles. Yet even the wine-savviest keep discovering new producers that often exceed in characterful quality or style a previous this-is-the-best-yet favorite.

Champagne is the new Burgundy. In the same way that Burgundy exploded with hundreds of estate-bottled grower wines, Champagne is now seeing a flowering of grower-produced wines that bypass the formerly invincible market domination of the famous Champagne shippers.

The results are a revelation of both place and sparkling wine possibilities, from ultra-austere zero-dosage Champagnes (no added sweetness before bottling which, it should be noted, is more possible now than it was decades ago thanks to today’s warmer growing seasons attributed to climate change) to radical revisions about the role of oxygen and oxidation in the maturation of the wine before bottling. Some are misses; many are hits. All are fascinating."

It is incredibly exciting to be a part of this revolution, and to find brilliant new wines and producers to bring to you. Stay tuned - another new addition to our portfolio is on the way in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for all of your support - Vive la Révolution!