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2014 Côte de Nuits Reds rock - Burghound reviews...

As anticipated here a few posts ago, Allen Meadows' in-depth reviews of the 2014s in the Côte de Nuits have just been released today in the new issue of Burghound. I am very happy to see that we’re in agreement on the deliciousness of these wines. Allen tasted over 1,800 examples, so his perspective is much broader and thorough than mine.

Neither of us were honestly expecting much from the vintage, after a cool and rainy summer in 2014 that included a massive hailstorm in June. (And frankly, neither were the most of the producers. They were pleasantly surprised as well!) The wines turned out spectacularly well despite all of the adversity.

Some highlights and salient points from Allen’s vintage analysis –

·      "I am avidly enthusiastic about the 2014 vintage in the Côte de Nuits"

·      "There is a beguiling freshness coupled with first-rate drinkability that makes the 2014s extremely pleasurable. Often vintages that are approachable young are that way because they have lowish acidities, below average concentration or very high levels of ripeness, yet 2014 is none of those things. As if these positive features weren’t enough, consider that 2014 is extremely consistent not only in terms of where very good to excellent wines were produced in the Côte de Nuits but also up and down the appellation hierarchy."

·      "The best wines are wonderfully refreshing, highly drinkable and transparent medium-bodied wines that possess solid but not aggressive tannic spines supplemented by sufficient but not high acidities. They are balanced wines built for medium-term aging yet should be reasonably approachable young if youthful fruit is your preference."

I flat-out love the wines – they are an absolute joy to drink, are beautifully balanced, and showcase the elegance and finesse that are the heart and soul of great Burgundy. Kudos to our producers – J-J Confuron and Marc Roy – on their great scores and reviews in this issue (and to a new member of the Caveau family that we’ll be able to announce this spring – stay tuned!)

Keep your eyes peeled for more pre-arrival offers on the ‘14s over the coming weeks. Cheers!