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True Champagne Detective...

Here we are once again at the intersection of music and wine, my favorite place to be. My 30+ years in the music industry will always run deep in my veins, but then so does a great bottle of old Burgundy or intensely fine Grower Champagne.

I've always been a singer-songwriter guy at heart. I worship at the alter of Joni MItchell, Dylan, and Springsteen. There was an especially fertile time between 1968 and 1980 or so where the art form was at its peak. One person, with a guitar or piano, simply channeling the divine and tapping into the magical stream that brings poetry, truth, love and mercy together into four or five minutes of pure musical genius. 

There seems to have been less and less of that going on over the past 25 years, or at the very least it's much further and farther between. I've never been much of a country music fan, but recently the best singer-songwriter stuff has been emerging from that world. I love Kacey Musgraves (her new album is a masterpiece), and I'm smitten with Lera Lynn - a new artist working in Nashville who is being featured in the new season of True Detective, which I absolutely love.

Colin Farrell in season 2 of True Detective on HBO

Colin Farrell in season 2 of True Detective on HBO

Check out a snip of Lera here - and then check out all of her stuff on Spotify or your streaming service of choice. Speaking of True Detective - there are a lot of haters already sniping about the new season, but I think it's going to be brilliant. I'm in the camp with this review...

Speaking of Love & Mercy - the tortured genius and madness that is Brian Wilson  of the Beach Boys is wonderfully documented in the new bio-pic out in theaters now. Brian is perhaps the great pop composer and producer of the modern era - often referred to as rock's Mozart - and I for one am forever in awe of his sheer brilliance. I cannot listen to Caroline, No, or anything on Pet Sounds, really,  without being deeply moved by the unique and pure perfection of Brian's "pocket symphonies to god". 

Truly great wines, the transcendental ones, can do the same thing. If you haven't had your epiphany yet, keep tasting. You will one day taste a wine that will change your life. '45 de Vogüé Musigny, '59 La Tâche, '61 Krug, '85 Jayer Richebourg, God Only Knows, Court and Spark, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Blood on the Tracks - they can all take you to the same place. I hope you all get to visit there soon...