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On the road to Champagne and Burgundy!

First and foremost – sincere thanks for your strong and loyal support! Caveau has started off with a bang in these first few months since separating from the winery, and we are incredibly grateful. One never knows how things are going to go whenever there’s “change” afoot. We’re excited and stoked to be moving forward as a pure Burgundy and Champagne import company, and have been buoyed by your support for our new model.

Our first wave of pre-arrival offers have all sold out in a matter of hours. When you see something in one of our emails that looks enticing, please don’t hesitate, as the wines we deal with are all very limited and they tend to get snapped up fast.

This next round of pre-arrival offers will continue through late June, and will feature all of the producers we haven’t offered yet to this point. We continue to work with all of the family estates in Burgundy and Champagne that we’ve been working with, and intend to be adding a few more to the mix over the coming year. Stay tuned for any and all info as it happens…


I’m heading off to Champagne and Burgundy through June 15th, and will be sending out some special offers direct from the cellars while I’m over there. Watch your email (sign-up here if you’re not already on the list), and check in here on the blog for daily updates on our adventures. For part of the time I’m there I’ll be conducting our annual Insider’s Tour of Burgundy for a group of customers – keep an eye out for pics and stories from our week-long bacchanalia!


I was recently in a high-end grocery store with an excellent wine department, and took some time to observe customers shopping and selecting wines – specifically in the Champagne and sparkling wine section. Thee were 28 true Champagnes on the shelf (seven of them Grower Champagnes), and 40+ other sparklers from elsewhere – with prices ranging from $12.99 to $64.99. I was fascinated to see that most of the action was in the $12.99 - $17.99 range, where people seemed to spend a lot of time deciding on one bottle of Prosecco or another, often changing their minds and putting bottles back on the shelf and selecting another.

What I really found interesting is that the most expensive wines on the shelf (Moët et Chandon, Veuve Clicquot and Perrier-Jouet) were absolutely the least interesting wines there, and if I was to be spending my own money there were so many better choices. It doesn’t make any sense to me that the mass-produced (many millions of bottles) Champagnes are so expensive. They have all the economies of scale and the lowest costs of production. Those wines are only priced that way to make the unsuspecting think they’re “the good stuff”.  They spend untold millions in marketing trying to convince you of that. I wish they’d put that money into the quality of the wines instead.

The market share of Grower Champagnes in the US continues to double year-on-year for several years now. Great Champagnes, hand-made by the people who grew the grapes, full of character and personality, and we sell several for under $40 (which is amazingly cheap for a product that takes 3-5+ years before it hits the market!) This is not to say that all Grower Champagne is good. Far from it. Probably some 85-90% of it is average or worse, to be sure. I just hate to see people overpaying for mediocre product.

Thanks for joining us on our endless quest. More soon from Champagne and Burgundy!