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Reasons to drink more Champagne! Guest Blog from Martha...

1) Champagne goes with everything! It is one of the world’s most food friendly wines. A Brut Champagne is a great match for everything from buttered popcorn to cheese, from seafood to spicy foods, from french fries to grilled salmon. Champagne and sushi? Amazing! Champagne and fried chicken? Don’t get me started!

2) Great Champagne can be totally affordable. There is no need to pay $60 a bottle for industrially produced Champagne with cutesy packaging, when you can get meticulously farmed and hand-crafted Champagne made by a small family for under $35 (we import several like this – learn about our Champagne Club as well as a Champagne 101 here).

3) Champagne is ready to drink…now! The number one question we get asked (15 years in the business) is “how long should I cellar this wine?” Ahhh, the beauty of Champagne. You don’t need to cellar it. Champagne is released when it is ready to drink!

4) Champagne says "party" more than any other beverage. Can you imagine a quicker pick-me-up than the pop of a cork and a glass full of liquid elegance and fun? Celebrate more not less! It’s your half birthday. It’s a full moon. It’s Tuesday.

5) Champagne = happiness or so I’ve observed after pouring it for thousands of people. The people that claim to not like Champagne (often based on experiences with cheap sparkling wine other than real Champagne) often change their mind once they’ve had good Champagne, and not too sweet. Choose the real stuff, from France. Choose Brut or Extra Brut which are dry (less sugar).

6) Champagne is an A-level actress that can carry the movie by herself. You don’t have to over-think the menu when you are serving Champagne. Invite some friends for Champagne and buttered bread. They’ll show up!

Can we get to 10? Your top reasons to drink more Champagne? If you love Champagne as much as we do, or if you want to learn, sign up for our mailing list, and read about our club! Let there be bubbles in your future! Cheers to that! Martha

PS - Excellent new article just out today from Jon Bonné - required reading for anyone interested in Champagne: