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On a binge...

I'm often asked about my cellar and what wines I have in there. It's a very boring cellar, probably. Burgundy, Champagne, more Burgundy, more Champagne, all of the Scott Paul wines I made from 1999-2013 (with the '14s to come once they're in bottle) - and a little more Burgundy and Champagne. And yes, it leans heavily toward Chambolle-Musigny and Volnay. Quelle surpise! I've been on a Burgundy and Champagne binge for as long as I can remember.


The term "binge" is most commonly used these days in connection with the non-stop watching of TV show episodes on Netflix, something I've only recently become acquainted with. After hearing for years how great "The Wire" was (it ended back in 2005), I finally got around to watching the first episode last fall. The next thing I knew I had watched all five seasons in relatively short order.

Somehow, that only made me hungry for more. I moved on to "Breaking Bad", and I admit to losing a fair amount of sleep due to my inability to wait for the story to continue. I knocked off all five years of that one in just a few weeks. I know I'm late to the party on this stuff, but I've just started up with "House of Cards", and it's a good bet that's where you'll find me most nights for the next few weeks.

On the wine front, bud-break is just happening now in Burgundy and Champagne, and they're on a "normal" schedule so far this season. Everything in Oregon is about 4-6 weeks ahead of schedule at the moment. Please join me in sending out good vibes for a great season for all our winemaking friends and partners - and do whatever you can to ward off any hailstorms in Burgundy this year. Would one year of a normal crop be too much to ask?

While I'm asking for prayers and rain dances, wish me luck at the Eugene Marathon coming up in three weeks. I'll be going for my BQ (Boston Qualifying time), which is frankly right at the outer edge of my abilities, but I might just make it if the day goes well. I will be binge-ing on a nice bottle of older Musigny if I succeed, that part is a lock!