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Today, La Paulée

The 155th edition of the Hospices de Beaune auction was a monstrous success yesterday - setting a new record of just over 10 Million Euros in total, with prices up about 30% over last year, which was the previous record. That is fabulous for the charities, which this time included the families of the victims of the Paris attacks. I'm sure the swell of emotion surrounding the events of just two days ago led to the high bids, along with the huge wave of hype surrounding the 2015 vintage here. That said, the prices for the wines were getting crazy, in many cases two to three times what people would be willing to pay for them based on the wine alone.

This morning I'm off to taste with Caroline Parent at A-F Gros, and then the granddaddy of them all, the Paulée de Meursault. It will certainly be subdued compared to years past, but should nonetheless be a wonderful day reuniting old friendships and making the acquaintance of several old bottles of grape juice.

On another note, I am happy to report that I have now joined the French fraternity of "people who park on the sidewalk". That's me, below -

It requires no particular skill. just the willingness to do it. Having grown up in the US and having always been told that one "cannot do that", I've always been reluctant. Once you fully understand that everybody does it here, it's very easy to just jump right in with all four wheels. My neighbors, below...

More later - there's wine to taste...