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Cubs, Pearl Jam, Champagne Flutes and Broken Glass

I'm a life-long Chicago Cubs fan (you know, the baseball team that hasn't won the World Series since 1908!) Maybe that's why I enjoy Champagne so much. As Napoleon famously said, "In victory you deserve it, in defeat you need it!". Right now, for once, I deserve it. My Cubbies, who had the worst record in baseball last season, have just beat the dreaded St. Louis Cardinals (who had the best record in baseball this year) and are moving on to play the Dodgers or the Mets for the pennant starting on Saturday. Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam is also a monster Cubs fan, and is currently trying to figure out the logistics of getting back and forth from his tour dates in South America if the Cubbies make it to the World Series! My mother's one wish was to see her beloved Cubs in the World Series before she died. I'm sure she's watching on the heavenly live-stream. All of us die-hards around the world will be crying with joy if they actually do it. Wish us luck!

Eddie Vedder celebrating with Cubs ace Jake Arietta after the big win...

Eddie Vedder celebrating with Cubs ace Jake Arietta after the big win...

We had a crazy, busy day here last Sunday for all annual fall tasting and pick-up party. Wow! Thank you for rockin' it - it was our biggest crowd ever, and it makes me so happy that you are enjoying the Burgs and Bubbles that I'm sourcing for you. We clearly need to hire some more help!

Boot the Flute! I've been experimenting a lot lately with different sizes and styles of glassware for our Champagnes. It's been well known for a while that the elegant-looking Champagne "flute" is probably one of the worst shapes for bubbly, as the opening is too narrow and it chokes off all of the beautiful aromatics. A larger, rounder "white wine" glass is clearly better for most Champagnes, but there's not one glass that is universally excellent for all Champagnes. It's fascinating to taste the same Champers out of a few different glasses - the experience can be dramatically different from stem to stem.

Different glasses will often emphasize different aspects of the wine. For example, with our new Caveau Extra-Brut, it is crisp, minerally and citrusy in an all-purpose white wine glass, and decidedly creamy, yeasty and rich in a large Burgundy bowl. All of those aspects are of course there in the wine all the time, but certain ones show more clearly in certain glasses. I don't think there is "right" glass, but rather more a matter of personal choice. Go with what works for you, but at the very least, ditch the flutes!

I'm just finishing up my schedule for November in Burgundy and Champagne (I leave right after our Nov. 6th Paulée dinner here in Portland). I'll be visiting all of our producers, as well as attending the Paulée and the Hospices de Beaune auction, and running the Beaune Semi-Marathon again. Keep your eyes on your email and this blog for all the news and pictures from the front lines. I can promise a few new Pre-Arrival offers while I'm over there, as well as details on a number of new producers we'll be adding to the Caveau portfolio in both Burgundy and Champagne!

From the "here's something you don't see every day" department - I was blown away to pull this bottle out of a case while packing up orders today. I've seen lots of creative ways to open a wine bottle, but never knew you could go through the punt on the bottom!


This must have happened in the warehouse in France, or in transit to to the shipping container perhaps. It certainly happened quite some time ago, as there was no wine left in the bottle, but no trace of any moisture on any of the other bottles or anywhere else in the case. I've never seen this before in all my years. How bizarre!