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The 2013 Côte de Nuits reds

Allen Meadows' Burghound report on the 2013 red burgs from Côte de Nuits-based producers is just out. As always, I highly recommend anyone who's even somewhat serious about Burgundy to subscribe to Allen's superb quarterly - it truly is THE Burgundy reference on the planet today.

Allen tasted and reviewed over 1700 of the 2013s for the new report. I personally have sampled perhaps only 300 or so, but enough to to feel I have a solid feel for the overall nature of the vintage.

As Allen says in his report, the overall nature is variable - which is to be expected in a vintage that saw hail, rot, heavy rain and botrytis all seriously affect the region at one time or another over the 2013 season. What is amazing is how good the wines are - much better than they had any right to be, given the abysmal conditions. In fact, the better wines reveal nothing of their difficult journey, and are downright delicious.

The saving grace seems to have been thick skins and soft, ripe tannins. These produced wines that are a real joy to drink earlier than would be typical, with the capacity to age and improve over at least the medium term.

If you choose carefully, you will find a lot of joy in the 2013s. ( I will be choosing very carefully for you, or course! ) Again, the biggest problem may be availability - yields were down significantly yet again.

Allen's three highest scoring wines of the vintage in the report are the Musigny VV from de Vogüé, Chambertin from Rousseau and Romanée-Conti from DRC. No surprises there, of course - but to have potential 98-point wines from a savagely difficult vintage is a great illustration of the magic of terroir (and brilliant viticulture and winemaking, of course.)

Great to see nice big scores for many of our favorites, including J-J Confuron and Marc Roy. Keep your eyes on your email for our upcoming pre-arrival offerings on my hand-selected wines over the coming months...